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Americans have the right to hear different opinions, especially when it comes to matters of personal and public health, including potential treatments for illnesses. When experienced, credentialed physicians sought to provide a different point of view on COVID-19 and available treatments, so that Americans could make their own decisions, Big Tech decided that wasn’t allowed.

Facebook, YouTube/Google, Twitter, and Vimeo all censored press conferences with real doctors who treat patients every day, unlike the bureaucrats at the CDC or WHO, who don’t actually see patients.

Tech giants are deciding what YOU get to read about, what YOU get to watch, and what information YOU are allowed to hear and know. They have all said that they will not publish “myths” about COVID-19 – but they get to decide which information is considered a “myth.” And it just so happens that all of the information and good news about treatments, numbers, trends, and ways to increase chances of prevention are the “myths.”

Big Tech only wants you to hear inaccurate, dramatized and hysterical predictions and analysis because if you are too scared to live life, then America cannot survive. Our economy cannot come back. Our way of life cannot come back, and their desire to fundamentally transform America becomes a lot easier.

Sign below to demand Big Tech stop censoring different opinions, and that they allow Americans to hear information from both sides to make up our own minds – the way a free society is supposed to operate.